Monday, August 05, 2002

George still hasn't called. I left a message saying I was willing to bring back conscription if he needed more troops. Sometimes I think he looks down on me. Mainly cause I'm so short. He says he's only joking when he calls me 'Short-ass', though.

Why's everyone so up-in-arms about how much money I earn? I think they just don't realise how hard being a P.M. really is. I mean, Parliament is really boring. And I'm always getting told off by the speaker for hocking spit-balls at Crean. He deserves it, though, cause he's always bagging me to the press. But I'm gonna get him back real good. Tomorrow I'm sending out a press realease titled 'Crean's a Stupid Whiney LOSER!' And Pete Costello's gonna put a fart bomb in his office!