Friday, October 08, 2004

Special Guest Entry by First Lady Janette Howard

Hello there dears, it's Janette here. I know the Australian public do not get to hear me speak much, as I am a lady of few words and I do believe very firmly that a woman's place is in the home and not on a soapbox. However, I thought on this very special occasion of Election Eve that I would break my silence and share my thoughts with Australia.

We are all very proud of everything our little John has achieved over the past three years. From the War in Iraq to the Anti-Gay Marriage legislation, John's kindness and love of egalitarianism have really shone through. He is such a creative boy, too. When John brought home his first Anti-Terrorist Fridge Magnet from Parliament, I put it right up on the fridge with his finger paintings.

We also had the fortune of having John's little friend George coming to stay with us. He is such a bright lad. He and John just get along splendidly, playing G.I. Joe and watching Star Wars together. They have even worked out a special Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the United States, and it is just lovely to see boys overcoming cultural differences to bond like that. I have no doubt that they will remain pen-pals forever.

Speaking of friends, I am continually pleased with the nice boys that John is friends with. Alexander is a charming lad, Philip is such a lively chap, and Peter is so supportive of John's leadership and never grumbles about being in second place. Sometimes I worry about John mixing with the wrong crowd, yet every time something bad happens in the Government or someone does something wrong, John is never involved and never knows anything about it. I think it is because he has such a strong sense of right and wrong.

I am sure John will do very well in the election tomorrow and make us all so proud. However, I do hope he wins, as I've grown so very attached to Kirribilli.