Friday, November 22, 2002

I think we have to hate North Koreans now. I hope that doesn't mean we have to stop hating people from Iraq or Afghanistan, though, 'cause I'm having heaps of fun with that. I might call George Bush to see if that's ok. Not that I can't hate people on my own, but it's more fun when we can all gang up on them. Plus, the Americans are always doing fun things like starting wars, bombing countries and having sleepovers. But I can never keep up with who they hate. Like the Russians -- once they liked them, then they didn't, then they did, then they didn't again, and now I don't really know if we're supposed to like them... I think we are... Or maybe not.... I guess I'll have ask George about that one, too.

Fred Nile is so stupid. He wants to stop Terrorists from wearing their big Terrorist-clothes, or whatever they call them, but that's so stupid 'cause then how would we know that they're Terrorists? Like I said, I'm having enough trouble keeping up with who we're supposed to hate as it is, how hard would it be if everyone looked the same? That'd be a real problem, 'cause it's ok for Westerners to have weapons and stuff, it's just not cool if Foreigners do. That's why America is allowed to have them. And we've been working so hard to cover up how stupid ASIO really are, as well. If Terrorists stopped dressing like they're supposed to, then ASIO would never know which houses to raid, and we can't just have them breaking into the houses of innocent people! Imagine that!

And especially now, 'cause, as I understand it, we hate some Indonesians, but not all Indonesians. I don't know, the only Indonesian I've ever met is that Mega... Suka....wuka... you know, that President chick. I don't think we hate her, she doesn't dress like a Terrorist. But then, maybe she's just not wearing her Terrorist-clothes, and then... oh no, then we're really buggered!

Or are we...? Because, maybe.... I so don't have any idea about this. I'm going to call George.