Saturday, February 01, 2003

You know, sometimes it sucks not being the "Super Power" like George Bush is, but then sometimes it's kind of cool. Like, with this whole war, of course it's heaps cool, but then when people are like, "Uh, dude, it's so not cool!", then I can be all, "Well, it's not me, I'm not commited to it, or anything, but George is, and y'know, he's a mate", but then if they're like, "Oh yeah! Go war! What a rockin' idea!", then I can be like, "Well, it was my idea. I mean, George came up with the War on Iraq itself, but I came up with... stuff. Like if you see t-shirts with "What Would George Do?" printed on them, that was all my idea." And then people think I'm even cooler, 'cause I'm like, creative and stuff.

Anyway, if I was a "Super Power", then I'd want really cool special powers, too. And a cape. And maybe a mask, too. I'm not sure about wearing my jocks on the outside during Parliament, though. Probably just a green and yellow one-piece lycra bodysuit, or something. Y'know, if I was leader of the Free World and had Kung-Fu grip, I'd have to keep it tastefull.