Thursday, October 23, 2003

OH. MY. GOD. He's almost here! He's almost here! George gets here tonight! I'm soooooo nervous! I mean, we just spent the weekend together at that APEC thing, but now he's coming around to my place! Well... my country. Same thing. Speaking of that APEC summit thingo, that really sucked. Well, it was cool 'cause George was there, but that spaz Dr Mahath..blahsomethingorother who's the PM of some foreign place was being a total dickhead. He reckons that Australia isn't cool enough to be Asia or something. We so are. But like we'd wanna be part of a stupid country like Asia, anyway. And worst of all, he totally buggered-up this great photo of George and me:

But what's funny in that picture is that below the camera, I'm really giving him a wedgie. That's why I'm laughing and he looks like he has something stuck up his arse. 'Cause he does. He's such a sook, too. Like, he reckoned I said "nasty comments" about him, but all I said was that he's a stupid bum-face who smells 'cause he has a bum for a face. I say worse stuff to Simon Crean all the time, and even he doesn't whinge like that. If all Asians suck as much as Dr Mumbojumbowhatever (and I bet they do), then I'm glad I'm not one of them.

Speaking of foreigners, I've been hanging with the Chinese President Hu Jintao since I got back. China is like Asia, only it doesn't suck as much. Like, they're Communists, except this cool type of Communism where instead of being lefty der-faces in Che Guevara t-shirts, they all have to work for barely any money and suck up to the government and stuff. Now that's a Socialist Utopia. Anyway, Hu's pretty cool for a foreigner. Janette let us go to this take-away place that was owned by foreigners, so it had authentic Chinese food. We had traditional Chinese Dim Sims and Chicko Rolls, but it was also kind of Australian, 'cause we had traditional Aussie Mars Bars in batter. And people accuse me of not being into Multiculturalism.

But now I've had to leave Hu in Sydney, 'cause I have to meet George, 'cause he's more important. I think I'm going to go and redo my hair and eye-brows again. I've picked an outfit, but... oh, it's so hard to decide! This is going to be the coolest thing EVER!