Sunday, November 03, 2002

There were all these Terrorists outside Kirribilli today. At first I thought they were ugly, new garden ornaments that Janette had bought, and then I saw them move, and I thought they might be people, but then I realised that they were actually Terrorists. Apparently they were pissed off that ASIO had raided their homes or something. Whatever. If they want their houses left alone, then they shouldn't have been born Muslims (that's Middle-Eastern-y for "Terrorist"). It's pretty simple.

Look at this:

They're clearly sitting there, plotting out their next attack on Western civilisation. And just what do they have in those prams? They totally look like they're hiding weapons of mass destruction to me. Janette was also really annoyed about the Terrorists, but more 'cause they clashed with the colours of the house. Especially that one in the maroon. I'll have to tell ASIO to keep an eye out for suspiciously coloured garments, too.